Beautiful Mess

Messy houses and motherhood go together like peanut butter and jelly. You cannot have one without the other. Somedays the messes are never ending and overwhelming. But look closer Mama, and you will see something beautiful.


Those cracker crumbs on the floor are what is left from your giggling tea party with your preschooler. Where you both dressed up in fancy hats, and sipped apple juice in your grandmother’s teacups because those cups never get used enough. You both said silly words like “scrumptious” and “divine,” and you wondered if you’d ever laughed so hard. Ever.

The glitter on the table still lingering after three days is from your Valentine’s Day heart craft. You and your kids made cards for Daddy because he works so hard for the family. You talked about why you all love Daddy and used ALL. THE. GLITTER. because hearts can never have too much sparkle.

The snowpants and boots by the front door- the remnants of the kids squealing about waking up to the season’s first snowfall. You and the kids sledded a hundred times or more down the hill in your yard. After each run, giggles and smiles saying “Again! Mommy!” Because how can you NOT?

The pile of books laying next to your son’s bed is evidence of before bedtime snuggles where you read “Little Blue Truck” ten times and tucked him in twelve times because he is just too cute, and said I love you fifty times because tomorrow he will wake up one day older.

The dishes filling up the sink are from baking cookies where your first grader cracked the eggs all by herself, your toddler spilled the flour because well, it happens. And your preschooler poured in the entire bag of m&ms in the bowl because the more chocolate, the better.

The legos cluttering the stairway, that’s where your three year old learned to build a tower, but quickly realized the real fun comes from knocking it over. Again. And again.

The nail polish bottles on the bathroom counter is from when you gave your two year old her first mani and pedi and you can still hear her little voice saying, “Me so wuvwie (lovely).”

The train set taking over the dining room floor, that is where your boys played for hours building, making “Choo choo” sounds and talking about riding the train at the zoo last summer. Your heart was so happy watching them play so nicely, you thought it might burst with joy.

The couch cushions and pillows thrown across floor are from your kids making stepping stones to run across the room without falling into the hot lava and dungeon of dragons.

The basket full of dirty clothes sits and waits to be washed. Your 6 month old is cutting his first tooth and the only thing that soothes him is mommy’s snuggles. You’ll take snuggles over clean clothes any day because you know all too well that babies don’t keep.

These “messes,” are evidence you are doing awesome, Mama. Because awesome moms have fun with their kids and messes are proof of just that. Childhood dreams come true and memories are made from these messes. Aren’t they beautiful?